10 Day Before Christmas….

10 Observations:

10Our tree has lights but no decorations.
Yesterday Erin told me she showed Courtney (at college) our tree via Skype and Courtney said to “Wait for me to decorate it!” So having no decorations moved from pathetic to “intentional” at that moment. Nice.

9)  We have no lights outside on our house yet.
Let’s face it, at this point we probably won’t. It’s OK.

8)  Baking ~ we will get to that.

7)  Shopping ~ under control, we’re doing less of that this year, which has made gift giving simple and intentional.

6)  Christmas cards.…look for mine in January. Not kidding.


5)  The fireplace has been going every evening and it has been drawing us all to the living room each evening ~ together.

4)  The lights from the tree create a warm glow that even our dog is appreciating.

3)  Sitting at my kids wrestling matches and basketball games this season is a gift.

2)  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are coming regardless of baking, lights, shopping, crazy or lazy schedules. Thank goodness.

1)  God has a plan to save all of humanity ~ and the plan began to unfold when a baby was born…in a stable. So, in 10 days, we will celebrate this birth, this plan, this love, this wonder. We will come and adore Him, we will offer personal gifts, we will pause and give him praise…regardless of the state our our home, schedules or circumstances.

It’s 10 days to Christmas…ready or not. 

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