10 Things I would tell my 16 year-old self if I could

I came across this post and this post today and was absolutely inspired to create my own list of 30 Things here on my blog! You’ll learn more about me, my kids will learn things they didn’t know, and maybe you’ll be inspired to share your own lists! I have created a “30 Things” category for reference on the side of my blog.

Here we go…..
10 Things I would tell my 16 year-old self if I could….

1. You’re not fat. Truly you’re not. Someday you will search the pictures of your 16 year-old self and wonder what it was you saw in the mirror.

2. Be less worried about sitting alone at lunch and instead look for the one sitting alone at lunch, then…sit with her.

3. Don’t make fun of the kids carrying Bibles at school, one day that will be your kid. Seriously, quit doing that.

4. That guy you are moving boundaries for, he really just cares about moving those boundary lines, there isn’t any real evidence that he actually really cares about who you are, or what you care about. Girl, step back and draw a line, you are worth it.

5. You do not look cool with a cigarette. That’s nasty. Put. it. down.

5.5. (Bonus) Your period doesn’t stop when you swim. Don’t believe that wives tale when you go to that pool party.

6. Your friend Diane will always be with you. She will travel to you when you have your babies, she will go through hell one day and you will go to her and lay by her side and hold her hand. You really are going be to BFF’s forever! She is the real deal and you are lucky to have her – both now and later.

7. Your mother’s voice will one day quiet in your head. You will begin to misplace those tapes in your mind and you will believe a new tag line about yourself.

8. Your mom is doing some things really well, like hospitality and caring for those less fortunate ~ you will take those gifts with you when you leave. Someday you will discover that what makes you a natural in those areas is she modeled that well, and it is part of your own unique spiritual gifting.

9. Believe in yourself. You are stronger and smarter than you think you are. Don’t quit math after getting an F in 10th grade geometry. Seriously, you will regret that one day.

10. You will hit some hard times, you will feel lost and alone, you will wonder how to get up, but I promise you, #2 is true…you are stronger than you know right now. There is a way and you will find it.

P.S. You are going to get married, be a mom, be awarded Young Mother of the Year at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City! (Which will shock you considering what you said in your speech as well as some early years in your parenting which will include screaming at your kids and slamming doors ). You will grow in your faith, be happy, find joy and live in peace. You’re life won’t be a fairytale, but you are going to live happily ever after.

If you want to play along too on your blog, write your list and post your link in the comments section!! C’mon….play along!!

4 thoughts on “10 Things I would tell my 16 year-old self if I could

  1. You should also tell yourself to watch out for that bass-playing race car driver who can’t seem to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up. He’ll charm you, but he’s nothing but trouble! ;>)

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