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Several weeks ago I said I was going to begin a weekly post called 10 Things. OK, so maybe weekly was optimistic. New strategy: it will be a regular, not a weekly column. (I need to find more time, be more dedicated, and just sit down to write more regularly!)

You can read the first list of 10 Things over here. It’s a list of home products that help me function in a more organized and simple manner.

The list this week is 10 personal products I use every single day!

1. St. Ives  ~ I use this daily – my face feels so clean!

2. e. Booth ~ I use this weekly for a really good scrub. I was unable to find it last week at Ulta, so I went on line to order it. I read a review that stated the formula had been changed and it wasn’t such a hearty scrub anymore. If you know of a face scrub that makes your face feel like it’s had a peel, please comment and let me know. I guess I’ll be looking for a new favorite weekly scrub.

3. Olay Facial Cloths ~  I LOVE these when I travel. It’s a fast and easy way to wash my face at night. (Sometimes I am lazy and use them at night even when I am home) Throw these in your travel bag next time you leave town!

4. Olay. My mother-in-law has beautiful skin. Flawless really. It’s probably got a lot to do with genetics, (so to my girls ~ you’re welcome that I married your dad, you now have a shot at that skin!) But back to why I use Olay – I’ve watched my mother-in-law put cream on her face each evening when we visit, I asked her what it was and how long she had been using it. She said “Olay” and “Many years”. I’ve been using the Olay line ever since…in case her beauty gets a little help from a bottle, tube or jar.

5. pores no more ~ My sister, Jamie, sent this to me recently. It’s one of her new favorite products. (Thanks for sharing!) It’s like a little magic in a tube. It reduces the look of pores, and creates a very smooth skin surface. Love this. I’m using it under bronzer – although now that it’s summer, a lot of times I skip the bronzer and use it by itself.

6. smashbox – Photo Finish
I had never heard of make-up primer before this product – but once introduced, I have to say, I LOVE it. I would also say now that I am using pores no more, I only use one or the other under make-up, not both. Primer works great under liquid foundation!

7. smashbox – Bronzer
This is a sample size of a soft lights bronzer. Daily, I use this one (but it broke and is not in it’s original container anymore). This is awesome to use over primer, or the pores no more. I don’t use foundation in the summer, I just use this (or sometimes nothing – I like simple in the summer)

8. aussie – light hold hairspray. I LOVE Aveda products and in the past have used the entire line, including the hairspray. A few years ago I discovered this drugstore hairspray works just fine. I really like the light hold, I can still run my fingers through my hair…and it’s much less expensive. (Although I still treat myself to Aveda shampoo & conditioner!)

9. Good Make-up Brushes
My sister, Jamie, sent these to me after a visit to my house one year. She was horrified by the cheap ones I was using, and then these arrived in the mail. Good make-up brushes make a big difference. (Thanks for looking out for me Jamie!)

10. Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets
I would have LOVED these when I was a teenager with terribly oily skin! I am 47 and still sometimes struggle with oily skin, but I love these for a quick clean-up! (The generic ones work just as well.)

11. Bonus: I LOVE (need) my new 10x lighted mirror.
Why, oh why is my perfect eyesight fading? I thought it was bad when I began needing reading glasses for the morning paper, but now I also need them for applying eye make-up…which doesn’t work. So….I bought this and I love (need) it!  I use it daily and now want to upgrade to one that will mount on the wall – like in hotels.

I would LOVE it if you would share some of your favorite personal products! Leave a comment, if I hear from enough readers, I will list them in a future post!


2 thoughts on “10 Things – Personal Products

  1. I don’t splurge on a lot of personal care products, but the one thing that I always have felt is worth every penny is Arbonne’s Re9 Face Wash. It is really amazing…. and because a little goes a long way, one bottle lasts me 9-10ish months! https://www.arbonne.com/shop_online/showitem.asp?ProductId=811&menuId=251&withLinks=1 I also LOVE the “Yes to Carrots” body butter which can be purchased at Target…. I love using this as hand creme every night…. awesome stuff!

  2. Thanks Deanna! I’ve heard of both products and I’m always looking for a great body butter, so I will be purchasing the “Yes to Carrots” on my next Target trip! Thanks for sharing your products!!

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