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I am beginning a new weekly post titled “10 Things”

Each week I will share, in random categories, 10 Things I love, appreciate or value. I kicked it off with a list of 10 Home Items or Products that I love. These particular things help me to function more simply in my day to day life.

This week, you can find the list here! Check it out!
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3 Comments on “10 Things

  • I loved this post (had trouble commenting on the other site!) and it inspires me to get creative to find some new solutions for some of my biggest problem areas around my home. LOVED reading about the e-cloth! Do you use it for anything other than the bathroom mirror? I want to hear more about this! :)

  • Thanks, Deanna!
    Here is the website for the “e-cloth” http://www.ecloth.com/
    I only have one so far and use it in the bathroom, but they can be used all over! (I will be getting more!) I recommend them highly! I’m grateful to my sister-in-law, Kalie for giving one to me.

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