24 Things

Dear Husband of Mine,

24 years ago we got married, that’s a lot of days to appreciate many attributes about you. Here are 24 things about you that I love:

1) You’ve loved me well for all those 8,760 days. Even the days that weren’t so great, I never have doubted your love for me.
2) You’ve been the stable to my sometimes crazy.
2) You’ve allowed me to be the crazy in your stable.
3) You make the bed if you’re the last one out of it.
4) You make the bed when I’m the last one out but don’t take time to make it.
5) You laugh with me – and at me – which is fine, because sometimes I’m pretty funny!
6) You are generous…to your core.
7) Your faith, seriously, this should probably be first.
8) Your strong work ethic.
9) Your character & integrity – both run so deep.
10) Your ability to fix ANYTHING. Maybe this should be first!
11) The way you love Courtney and Erin – Though parenting girls can seem foreign and scary to some dads, you’ve kept your brave on for 22 years and they will benefit all the days of their lives because of you.
11) The way you love Zach. I’ve watched you teach him how to be a man of great worth.
12) The way you love Kyler – you’ve been the kind of dad he needed all along. Your unending commitment and care is making a difference not only in him but in future generations. Well done.
13) You assume the best in me.
14) Your support of me has never been in question.
15) The way you believe in me elevates my thoughts about myself. Thank you.
16) That everyday you think I’m beautiful.
17) In 24 years you’ve not stopped pursuing me – I’ll leave it at that, our kids, and your mom, will likely read this.
18) Your love of my family, especially my sisters, endears you to me,
19) You are so kind. To everyone.
20) I love how intelligent you are.
21) Although you are big and strong, you are also sensitive.
22) I love the way you love your sister. I’ve watched you love her when she was an adolescent, teen, young woman, wife, and then mom. You’ve set a fantastic example for Zach to follow in loving his sisters through all their lives.
23) Your unending patience, which has untangled many necklaces of mine, and kept many other things from unraveling.
24) You are so very genuine in how you live.

Happy Anniversary, husband of mine. I’d so do this all over again.
With love,
Your beautiful wife

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