A Bad Word – and – a Word of Hope.

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I received word late last night that a friend, who is a part of my very fabric, heard the C word in relation to her own body. I am saddened for what she is going through. I am grieving for the loss of peace she feels in her mind as she waits for a report that will set the course for what is next.

It was an odd mom moment. I was in the kitchen when Zach walked in to find me crying. He came over and put his arm around me and just waited. I could hear Erin tell Kevin that I was crying. Then there were four of us in the kitchen. Mom in the center crying, kids comforting. Odd.

After I had crawled into bed, Zach came down and taped a note to my door. This is what it said:
Thyroid Cancer:

a Only 3.4% of women diagnosed die from it each year
a Most common cancer = easiest to treat
a Where only part of the thyroid is removed, no further treatment is necessary
a 95% cure rate
a More drugs have been made to cure thyroid cancer
a Even if the cancer has metastasised it is easy to cure
a Just some encouraging facts to help deal in a rough time.

I’m not even sure what the point of this post is. Maybe to express what a humbling and grace-filled moment it is when your child gets to a place where they reach out to you in what you hope have been ways you have reached out to them.

Maybe it’s that we’ve all been in those awkward places where we just are not sure what to say. Was it awkward for my son to see me cry? Possibly. But Zach lent a word that gave some hope. We could all take a lesson from Zach and be encouraged to say something in those times…if even to tape it on a door. Last night I said little (in sticky note terms, one sticky notes worth) and hoped it felt like an arm around her shoulder. Thanks Zach.

And friend, did you see that note up there? We’ve got this. I will be there soon.

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  • Oh. That makes me cry and smile all at the same time. I'm so proud of Zach. And so sorry for how your heart must be hurting along with your friend's. I have been, and will continue to, pray for her. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Oh how awesome that Zach blessed you (& your friend) with HOPE. He took the time to research to give you that hope with facts to back it up. What an awesome man you're raising! Will be praying for peace for you & healing for your friend.

  • Praying for your friend, and rejoicing in what a great son you have in Zach. You should be very proud and humbled at the same time that you have allowed God to guide you and direct you and God has honored that in your children's lives.


  • How precious that Zach took the time and showed such great concern for you and your feelings. This is a great preparation for being a husband and dad someday. … a long way off, but so much promise ahead! A Godly man in the making!

  • Thank you Sheri. I love how Zach took the time to research this for you to try to make the news better. And he is right, after my appointments over the last several days, I feel much more optimistic. Now I just need to get the surgery over with so I can move on. I love you my dear friend.

  • I love this. He is capable of this because of the example he has experienced – I am confident of that! He is a special young man.

  • Diane, what a good word from you right here on the blog! Did you all hear that, she is feeling optimistic! I got your message and look forward to talking tomorrow.
    Zach did try to make the news better last night. He hit a tender spot and I love his heart. – sheri

  • It is as if you took the words right out of my mouth. A friend of mine just finished radiation iodine treatment after the removal of her thyroid. I'm so glad you shared your story. I will share this story with her and let her know there are people everywhere cheering her on.


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