A Mother of the Year Moment

I had just walked into church and stopped to greet to a friend who was sitting in the back holding her grandson. As I walked away I ran into my friend Jill, and with an exasperated laugh and a huge smile, she said she went to drop the baby off in the nursery and realized she didn’t have him! She retrieved him from his grandmothers arms and returned to the nursery check-in process.

We laughed together, because really, what mom can’t relate? Seriously, this was funny.

(Keep in mind, I have forgotten to pick up my son from middle school football practice…twice…in a row, and somehow I still bear the title National Young Mother of the Year.) Tell me you can’t relate to this.

3 thoughts on “A Mother of the Year Moment

  1. I forget stuff all the time! I've stopped making myself feel guilty and have realized it's called "Mom Brain"! :) and continually check my calendar all throughout the day :) because if I don't, I'm really in trouble!

  2. Rick and I used to laugh about this one – when the kids were little, we were shopping at Sears one day. Suddenly Rick says "I can't find Ryan". We frantically begin looking in the centers of the round clothes racks, because hiding in the middle was his favorite trick at that age. Finally, for some reason, I look over at Rick. . . .and yep – Rick was holding Ryan in his arms. He was found!

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