A Sober Topic Revisited

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Six months ago I wrote A Sober Topic, a post on teen drinking in the home. That article has been visited almost 5 times more than my next most popular post. (!!) It has been viewed almost daily since it was published in September 2010.

So, I’m curious…what do you think the interest in this article is about? At the suggestion of a friend, with prom and graduation parties on the horizon, I am planning on sending this article in for a column in our local paper. Before I do that, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Five to one ~ what do you think that is about? What are your thoughts on this topic?

Click here to read A Sober Topic.

2 Comments on “A Sober Topic Revisited

  • I think the interest for many parents is "what are other parents doing on this topic?". My kids are far from this age (6 and 11), but nonetheless I hear parents talk about kids drinking and things like "you know there going to do it", "it's inevitable", "I'd rather it be in my house then some where else". It makes me sad. I think, "really? have we all just given up and our ability to influence our kids choices on this?"

    Are we as parents scared of losing our kids to the draw of outside influence, that we would rather befriend them on this topic within our own walls?

    I am daring to speak with conviction that my children will not drink under age or have sex until married – because to declare anything less would be to set the standards lower.

    God set perfection as our standard. And while perfection is not in our capabilities, He did not lower His standards to meet ours. Instead, he gave us His Son as our forgiveness, His Word as our authority and His Spirit as our guide.

    And while I declare this for my children, I am mindful of the teaching and correction God has given me over the years and thankful at all times for the mercy, grace and forgiveness He has shown me. Those will not be lost on my children either.

    Thank you Sheri for your writings, your example and your faithfulness.

  • Sheri Carlstrom

    Thanks for taking time to give your insight Jamie, and for your convictions. I appreciate you. :)


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