A Story of the Seasons of Summer

Once upon a time summer was kicked off with a trip to the ice cream store. Each last day of school a mom threw a big party with lots of kids running around eating hot dogs, playing hide-and-go-seek and burning school papers in the fire-pit. Her kids would have a summer-long slumber party in the cool of the basement where they seemed to endlessly watch old episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire and The Nanny. There were slip-and-slides, sprinklers under the trampoline, and homemade popsicles – followed by lots of late night movies, endless bowls of popcorn and much sleeping in.

It was an amazing time, and the mom was full and happy.

Then suddenly (or so it seemed) one summer, the oldest girl, who was more of a young woman at 22, didn’t come home because she had a job in another city. The next oldest, a son, was working part time, dating a great and wonderful girl, and spending lots of time with many excellent and fun friends. The baby, who was now 17 years-old, got up early to drive herself to meet her cross country team for morning runs. Also, she was now making summer fun for the young ones in her charge as she babysat for moms who had little ones the age she used to be.

The mom realized that although it was still summer, she was in a new season of summer, so she texted and Skyped and Facetimed with her daughter in the other city. Sometimes they would even drive to see each other, because it was summer…and they could. The boy, who knew he was leaving for a college 10 hours away in a few short months, gave his mom extra strong hugs – and the mom exhaled and soaked in them. They replaced slip-and-slides with bowling, lunches and bike rides in this new season, and it was good. This mom knew with all her heart that her baby girl had one more year at home before she too left for college, so the mom was even more intentional as she spent time with her – even looking her in the eyes more as they went about their, no longer endless, days of summer.

Summer had changed, but…

It was an amazing time, and the mom was full and happy.

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