A Very Sweet 16

This sight makes my heart happy. The table and chairs are empty now, but just a few minutes ago they held eighteen girls all here to celebrate Erin turning Sweet 16.

Ten years ago, when she was six, she wanted a tea party with triangle sandwiches and pop in a tea pot. She asked her friends to wear dresses and she provided hats, gloves and boas for the luncheon.


This year she wanted a sit down dinner with her favorite pasta dish and homemade bread. She again requested that her friends come in dresses to her birthday dinner – and they all did. This year she also requested no gifts, she really, really just wanted her friend groups to come together and have fun for one evening, that was the gift she wanted. How did she so quickly get so mature?

At some point after dinner, dresses were exchanged for shorts and t-shirts and the whole gaggle of them ran off in bare feet on a scavenger hunt. Each group started with a birthday candle and were to knock on doors and “trade up”. The group that came back with the best trade would win. The girls had so much fun, and now we have a chair and ottoman sitting in our front yard! Who gave them that?!

It is now late and little candles light the table that they have gathered around once more, and I hear laughter. So. much. laughter. It makes my heart happy. I see girls with heads together on the trampoline, girls at the table playing some sort of word game, my husband getting a fire started. I see a little girl in a wide brimmed hat and while gloves, and I hear burping as she and her friends drink too much pop, and then laughing! So. much. laughing.

This mom thing…it just makes my heart happy.

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