All I really want…

I was listening to the radio this morning and they were talking and taking calls, about what moms really want for Mother’s Day. The wants included:
* to go to the bathroom by myself
* sleep
* for my daughters to not fight for the day
* a vacation
* for my kids to acknowledge the day without being told
and several more.
I was struck by a very young sounding mom who called in saying it was her first Mother’s Day. She had seen a necklace with keys on it that spelled out Mom, and it cost $15 ~ that was what she wanted. The morning show host asked, “What’s your…ah…what’s the name of the baby’s dad?” She said “Colin” and then on air the host told Colin to “Colin, Get that necklace for her.” The young mom said, “He probably won’t.”


Mother’s Day is supposed to be a feel good day, and for many it is. But I am more and more aware that Mother’s Day can also be an awkward, sometimes hurtful kind of day. There are women who are acutely aware of their mom’s absence if she has passed away, on Mother’s Day their hearts long for her voice and touch. There are women estranged from their mom – who wish and pray it were different. There are women who have a hard time picking out cards for their mom because all the lovey, “You’re the Best” cards just really don’t apply. There are the moms whose family doesn’t even get her a card or make her feel special in any way.

Then there is the young mom who just wants a $15 necklace with the word Mom on it. I wonder if what she wants is to just feel acknowledged in her role as a Mom. There is the mom of teens who longs to have them let her know they appreciate her. I think that’s what moms really want on Mother’s Day, to know that what they are doing is noticed, and matters.

If you know of a mom who could use an “I’ve noticed you”, “What you’re doing matters”, “I’m proud of you”, “You’re doing a good job”,  comment or note, consider giving that to her this Mother’s Day. It may be all she really wants, or even needs, to elevate her spirit, spurring her on to keep doing what she’s doing.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms who read this blog! What you do every single day matters – you can be reminded of that here.

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  1. …and then there are the women who want to be mothers so badly and are not able because of various reasons…

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