An Update

It’s been three weeks since our new season began, and several of you have asked to keep you as updated as much as we feel we can during this season. Below is an update in a Q & A type format using the questions we have received over the past few weeks.

Do you get updates?
Yes, we receive weekly reports on school, house, special events and a counselor report. They took a day trip last weekend and six pictures were sent to us via email – he was in all of them. We also receive a weekly phone call from the counselor that meets with him. I’m happy with the level of communication we have received thus far.

Do you get to talk to him?
Although he hasn’t yet moved to the level of privileges that include receiving calls from us, he was allowed a 30 minute call on his birthday. It was good to hear his voice and I appreciated that I was able to ask him about things I had seen in the pictures, it made us feel a connection despite the distance. We also receive a weekly email from him and we can email him back weekly.

How is he doing?
It sounds like he is doing well academically, is learning Spanish, is going to church ~ he said it reminds him of our church here at home, which he likes. He described his daily routine, told us there is dog in the house in which he lives, and said he is working on his anger. He said he misses us, and told us he loved us too when we hung up. He is appearing to struggle in his new environment with the same things he struggled with here at home; we remain confident he is at the right place at the right time. 

How are you doing?
We are doing fine. The first week was really hard, lots of emotion. But peace has settled into our hearts and into our home. I began to realize last week that when you always feel a little (or a lot, depending on the day) stressed, you act, and react, from a more tightly wound place. I’m feeling more like myself, laughing more easily and appreciating the extra space in my thought life that isn’t being taken up with drama and chaos. The other day Kevin was going to look at cars and thought he would take Mister, but then realized he could not. Erin is appreciating the quiet in our home – but the other night thanked God for bringing Mister back to us and also thanked God for this new help that he is receiving. 

Can I send him a note or a package?
Some of you are very close to us (friends and family) and have established relationships with our son, but for now, we can send notes and packages, you cannot. Thank you for caring for him and for us, thank you for supporting him. Your best “note” right now would be your prayers delivered straight to the One who is looking over him while he is away.

Thank you for your encouraging words, prayers and support. We are a very blessed family.

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