Big Empty Squares that Will Lead Somewhere

We are a full week into 2014 and it’s as if I’m just realizing it’s January. I went to the grocery store today for the first time in three weeks. (Running in for milk or wine does not constitute a grocery trip!) This particular winter break has been like one on-going, never ending Saturday. With Courtney and Zach on break from college, and Erin not returning to high school (due to the snow, cold temperatures, icy roads or whatever else is keeping the schools closed), it’s been a season of late nights, cookies, movies, friends coming and going, indulging in rich, delicious cooking, sleeping in, shoveling, games and more.

But it IS January. Bills had to be paid, we ran out of real food, laundry had to be done, my husband returned to work after being home for 12 days and people started talking about resolutions. I’m not a big resolution maker, but what I do like about the New Year is a clean, clear calendar. Big empty squares. A fresh beginning. A new opportunity to intentionally decide what should go on those squares, the things on which I will spend the only time I have — that should be intentional.

In light of being intentional, the other day I made a 2014 To Do list. There are some practical things on it like “clean my closet” some fun ones like “go to Minnesota and see my sisters.” I also included items like “pay taxes.” (This guarantees I’ll experience some success since I KNOW that will get done!) Matters such as “use time wisely,” “function on a schedule,” “be calm” and “feel joy” are also on my list. “Read my Bible,” “prayer” and “serve” also show up — I don’t want to just squeeze these in, I want to keep these spiritual disciplines a priority.

I believe what we all want when we make our resolutions (or our lists), is forward progress. We want to be a better, stronger, more developed, mature, disciplined or wiser version of ourselves. We want to grow. I don’t want to look back on the last year and realize I am exactly as I was — that nothing is different. I want to look back each year and see I’ve actually journeyed somewhere — even if it is within myself.

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