Church Camp – What it Can Mean

While at church camp a little boy heard the message about Jesus – a message created for just his age group, a message he has certainly heard before but maybe didn’t understand.

My sixteen-year-old daughter walked by a fellow counselor (a good friend of her’s from church) kneeling down talking to a little boy – a wee one she had watched grow from a baby to a boy old enough to go to finally attend elementary school church camp. They were away from the group, which made her wonder if he was being reprimanded gently and lovingly reminded that there are still rules at camp that have to be followed. She hoped this wasn’t the case. But as she walked by she didn’t get quite close enough to hear any of the conversation, so she didn’t really know what the conversation was all about, she just knew it looked a little serious.

Later that day, when all the counselors were together, her friend told the story to the group of fellow counselors…

As he and his group of kids were walking through the camp that day the little boy looked at him and said that he had checked the box on the card the night before at the worship time that said he invited Jesus into his heart. The wee one told the counselor that he had never asked Jesus to live in his heart and he was wondering what that really meant. So the counselor, who had seen this little one grow in church, kneeled down and told him all about what it means to have Jesus as a forever friend.

What an amazing picture this creates in my mind, a wee one standing and a big one kneeling explaining what it means to check the box – to invite the Savior into your heart.

I just love church camp.

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  1. Sheri….Thanks again for this beautiful mental picture of our Little Man taking his initial steps to Jesus. We are encouraged, thrilled and grateful for his wonderful first camp experience. Most Sincerely, Debbie

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