Day 11 – This is Commitment

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Today was a significant day in my Weight Watchers journey, let me explain…

This morning I was at a meeting that included an amazing breakfast – I’m talking egg dishes, cheesy potatoes, spice cake, a blueberry-cheesecake-like bread and more. This temptation arrives for me twice a month as I serve in a ministry in which this wonderful breakfast unfolds, and…I enjoy indulge each and every meeting. I can’t even imagine how many points I have consumed on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month from September through May.

But today would be different – I had a plan. My strategy¬†was to eat eggs before I left…but unfortunately I ran out of time before I had to leave. So this is what I did, I ate a 1/4 piece of amazing spice cake (yum!) and I tried a 1/4 piece of the blueberry-cheesecake bread (super yum!). That was it. I didn’t eat anything else. I’m not saying I made the best choice, I probably should have had more points – or at least a little protein, but the point was I made it out for approximately 4-5 points. (That’s a total guess.)

Then…I received a box of 6 Cookie Cottage Cookies. Very kind…but yikes, I love these. (More about those later.)

For lunch I had my trusty Johnsonville Turkey Cheese Sausage. (3 points) Later in the afternoon I ate some grapes.

I had a very busy day, lots of running and before I knew it 5:00 PM had arrived. Dinner….ummm…dinner….OK, frozen pizza…a Digiorno Self-Rising Crust pizza for the some of us (not me) and a Digiorno Crispy Flatbread Tuscan Style Chicken for others of us (me). The Crispy Flatbread pizza was delicious, AND it was 23 points for the whole pizza! (No, I did not eat the whole pizza.) I ate three pieces for 9 points. Try. this. pizza.

OK, here is the commitment to the Weight Watchers program…I really wanted those cookies, but I knew they were going to cost me. (Although I did have 10 points left) I tried to find the nutrition information on-line, but I couldnt find it – so, I called The Cookie Cottage and asked for the nutrition information for each of the cookies that were in the box! The woman on the phone was so, so nice. I told her I was doing Weight Watchers and needed to figure out these points so I could record them.(7-8 points per cookie.) Seriously – so nice, if you’re local you should go buy some of their delicious cookies!

The phone call is when I realized I had reached a new level of commitment. Before I would have just not counted the points, and really there would be no need to because I would have eaten so many points at the breakfast that these additional points would not matter, I would tell myself that I would start over again in the morning. Except…then it would be Friday and it would be likely that I would indulge in lots of good food, popcorn, desserts and probably a dinner out. Then I would tell myself I would start over on Monday – which is why my weigh-in day is Wednesday, because I needed Monday and Tuesday to recover from this cycle.

Anyway, this is what we did – we cut the cookies in quarters. This way I had a taste of everything I wanted, and seconds of what I really liked. My quarters still equaled two and a quarter cookies for a point total of 16 and I enjoyed each and every bite – guilt-free. At the end of the day, I was over 6 points, so those were subtracted from my weekly extra points – still leaving me with a balance of 43 extra points to use between now and Tuesday.

So there you have it – this is how I have set myself up to fail over, and over, and over in this journey to get to my weight down to the range in which it belongs. It’s not over, but I am clearing some hurdles that I have tripped over before. This is good.


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