Day 3 – I think I did it….

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Day 3 started strong – my two eggs and juice started my day again (5 points) and then enjoyed my 3 point lunch of a Johnsonville Turkey & Chedder brat. (I am such a creature of habit when it comes to routine in my day time food choices.)

So far so good.

Then life….Kyler has a cross country meet at 5:00 pm which causes me to consider a strategy for dinner because when I am sticking to my points – I am hungry when it comes to dinner. So I grabbed 1/2 serving of lightly salted almonds (2.5 points) and a large glass of ice-water. This should hold me until after the meet.

Then I remember I will go straight to a 6:00 meeting at Buffalo Wild Wings with other parents of senior football players. OK…I will just order a Diet Coke. I do that, thinking I will eat something healthy when I get home. Then I realize when I leave the meeting I will go directly to church for a time of prayer for our pastor and his family and will not return home until after 9:00 PM. Empty, my stomach reminds me that the last thing I ate was 14 almonds at 4:30. So now I need to figure out what to do.

I decided on the Flatbread Buffalo Chicken Pizza.Super thin crust, red sauce, chicken and cheese. Plan: eat half of it. Reality: Ate the whole thing. (It was sooo good.)

I got home and tried to figure out the points. This site gives the nutrition and the points value, it says the points value is 23 (OUCH!) but when I plug the numbers into the Weight Watchers site calculator that says 15 points. So I don’t know what to believe. Also is the whole thing a serving? I know when I buy thin crust chicken pizza its very few points, so maybe 15 is accurate.

At any rate, I finished the night with 2 little Dove pieces of candy.

Day 3 – I think I did it, with half a point to spare…I think.


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