Day 4 – Off by this much

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Breakfast stayed the same – 5 points.
Lunch was the same – 3 points.

Dinner was costly, but it usually is – I save my points for dinner. I made a family favorite which I have been making for years, and when I Googled “Chicken Enchilada Quiche” I found the exact recipe along with the nutrition facts! Armed with the reality that each piece of this favorite quiche would cost me 13 points, I only had one piece – I could EASILY enjoy two pieces, but armed with knowledge, I stayed with one. One ounce of tortilla chips was going to cost me 4 points and I had a fresh avocado that I wanted to use as well – another 2 points. Total cost for dinner: 19 points.

By the time 9:00 PM rolled around, gum wasn’t doing it for me – I really wanted something sweet, so I had two Dove Promises – they are 1 point a piece. Total for the day: 29 points.

I was off by this much.

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