Day 5 – Still in the points game

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I invited a friend over for breakfast – a friend I knew would appreciate my efforts to stay on track – which made it easy to stick to my two eggs and juice, she joined me with the same. The point of getting together was to visit and catch up – but we do tend to do that over food, don’t we? Breakfast: 5 points.

Lunch was also the same (I should buy stock in Johnsonville) – 3 points.

For dinner I made Slow Cooker Spring Beef & Vegetable Stew. This was delicious! I did use No Yolk Egg Noodles, and more salt, pepper and a bit more tarragon, but otherwise followed the recipe. Everyone LOVED it! I will definitely make it again. It did cost me 13 points, and I had a corn muffin with light butter for an additional 5 points.

Also, I tucked 2 Dove Promises in my purse to pull out during the football game last night. 2 points. I ended the day with exactly 28 points. Day 5: Hit my target points.

Heading into the weekend makes me feel more challenged. Weekends are hard for me. As we were leaving the football game last night Kevin asked if I wanted popcorn when we we got home (a favorite of ours) I said “No, I’m out of points.” I do have the extra points that I haven’t used this week, but for this week I really don’t want to dig into them – I’m using them for the occasional point or two (or five) that I’m over during the day. I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities to use those points – a dinner out, a dessert, a snack, etc…but to set myself up to succeed I thought it best to not use up every last extra point I am allotted right off the bat.

A friend who does attend the Weight Watchers meeting told me the theme for the meeting this week was 8 weeks to Thanksgiving – one pound per week equals eight pounds – which sounded good to me. But, until Monday though I will focus on this theme, “Get through the day on budget.” Seriously, I sabotage myself terribly when it comes to the weekend. I guess I think what I eat on the weekends shouldn’t count – but in real life, it does.

The real challenge has begun.



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