Day 6 – Saturday – the weekend arrives

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As I said on Day 5, weekends are hard for me. Everything is relaxed on weekends, including my healthy eating choices. But I entered this weekend intent on keeping my focus. (I’m grateful for a husband who skipped the Friday night popcorn to support my goal).

Breakfast was the same (5 points) but I changed it up for lunch and had a can of Progresso Traditional Chicken and Dumplings for a total of 5 points. (Next time I will make sure I pick up the Light one due to it being less points.)

At 5:00 PM Kevin and I were deep in a project to recover our kitchen and dining room chairs, but, I also said earlier in the week, when following the Weight Watchers Point system, I am hungry when it’s time to eat. So we had to stop and eat so I wouldn’t snack. We re-heated the stew from the other night as well as a corn muffin. Dinner = 13 points.

Erin was baking some cookies for a friend and they were stacked on the counter. Fresh. baked. cookies. I considered my points (I had 1 left) and ate two cookies – putting me 5 points over for the day. Totally worth it.

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