Day 7 – I survived the weekend

Breakfast: I was out of eggs – so I opted for oatmeal instead ( 4 points) with 1 tablespoon of brown sugar (1 point). It seemed to hold me as well as the eggs do, and it’s nice to have another option.

At our church we serve cookies after our services – I just stayed out of the Gathering Room this week – wasn’t even going to go near that! At home I ate a Johnsonville Turkey Sausage – 3 points. My afternoon snacks – sprinkled through-out the day were a half serving of almonds (14 almonds = 2.5 points), a cookie (3 points) and a Light and Fit Yogurt (2 points).

For dinner Kevin and I went to Applebee’s and we both enjoyed Grilled Jalapeno-Lime Shrimp. So, so tasty and only 8 points. I did come home and dig a cookie out of the freezer (3 points), which was better than ordering what I really wanted ~ the Maple Butter Pecan Blondie (28 points!!!). Although we would have split that so it would have only cost me 14 points. (!!) Clearly I made the better choice with the cookie.

Total for the day: 26.5 points.

I asked some friends who either currently are or have done the Weight Watchers plan, if they were hungry, because I am. Not all day, but there are times throughout the day that I am hungry. One friend asked if I was eating fruits and vegetables – I am, but I forget to write that here because they are free and so I don’t log them, but I will keep track of that to share that too. I typically have some grapes or an apple. I will cut the apple in half and have part in the late morning and the other part in the afternoon. I will try to eat even more fruits and vegetables this week to see if that helps.

I will weigh tomorrow and see what my body did for the past seven days. My official get on the scale day is Wednesday – I intentionally made it Wednesday to give myself time to recover from my weekend eating. (Hmmmm…..I wonder why I’ve struggled with this last 20+ pounds!) But since I began my quest to log and account publicly for every point I eat on a Monday, I will weigh Monday and give my results. If I was successful, I may continue to write about it – but create a new page on my blog to post them so if you don’t care about this, it won’t be on the front page of my blog. But if this works, I may keep doing it until I reach the goal the little Weight Watchers calculator set for me when I began this journey. (I hope this works.)

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