Day 8 – Success

After counting and reporting points for one week, I am happy to report that it worked!! I lost 4.6 pounds this first week!

I think it was the accountability. I can lie to myself about what I am really eating (foolish and immature), but I won’t lie to you. So every Dove Chocolate Promise was recorded as well as each homemade chocolate chip cookie that I snatched from the freezer.

I’m motivated to keep going, 4.6 feels good, although it’s not exactly close to the 24 pounds I need to lose. But there is no denying it’s a good start.

I did look ahead at the Maintenance part of Weight Watchers (I was concerned about how hungry I will really be for the rest of my life!) What I learned was important…once I hit my goal weight, I will get an additional 6 points per day. Plus I will have the 49 extra points that I get now, plus any activity points I continue to earn. They stressed that it’s important to eat as many of those extra points and activity points now as I’m losing so that when I do reach the point of maintenance these extra points won’t throw me back into weight gain. This made sense to me. They also said this will slow down the weight loss now, but that ultimately this would be better for me. This also made sense.

So this week I will work on adding a few more points to my day. I am also looking for ideas on healthy snacks and meals. I’ve enjoyed a few new recipes this week from the Food Network Magazine (I love that they post nutrition information). I’ve also been exploring some of the emails from Hungry Girl which offers ideas and recipes. I’ve also discovered a few Weight Watcher recipes and websites through Pinterest.

I will continue to post about my Weight Watchers Journey – I have created a separate page for Weight Watchers posts here. I am lot likely to post daily – unless I start gaining again! But I will post a few times a week with how it’s going and my weight loss (or gain). My first week went great – but there are going to be rough days ahead – dinners out, desserts, unknown nutrition values, and temptations. If it was easy, and if it could happen quickly after a 4 pound weight loss, I would not still have 20 pounds to lose.

I’m both optimistic and realistic. (and I’m already finding it a little easier to get dressed in the morning. As my body begins to shrink, my wardrobe begins to expand!)

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