Doing What Matters in 2015

As I consider this New Year before me, the words BIG and transitional come to mind.

In 2015:
•   Kyler will complete the program he has been in for over two years and return to our family the first part of the year. If I’m speaking honestly, for the first 18 months he was there, I was certain he would never return to our family, so his coming home is HUGE ~ and will be full of adjustments for all of us. The healing, trust and relationship he has been building with us is a blessing we did not think we would experience. This is good, good news.

•   I’m turning 50. What the heck.

•   Courtney, our first born, will graduate from college. (Whoop Whoop!)

•   A few weeks after that Erin, our baby graduates from high school.

•   There will be a graduation party in our backyard. Consider this your invitation since I’ll be so busy!  (Just kidding Erin, I’ll have time to make your graduation announcements special too…because it matters :)

•   Kevin and I will celebrate our 25th Anniversary.

•   We are selling our Fort Wayne home and moving to Marshall, Michigan. We’ve been apart for two years while Kevin started his new job and Erin finished her last two years of high school. Kevin and I will finally be living together again. Thank goodness.

•   After 16 years in Fort Wayne we will move away from our friends ~ many who are like family. We will leave our support system, our amazing community, our church. This is a BIG transition that I am not looking forward to making.

•   The baby will start college. After spending the last few nights watching old home movies, I am perplexed by how quickly these cherubs grew up and also a little sad; I miss those sweet voices and little hands; the messy house and chaos were so worth it. As we watched video after video I was surprised by how much I wish I could go back and do some things differently ~ a column for another week.

•   Sometime in all of this Courtney will begin her career as a Chemical Engineer and will likely move to a new city where we will help her get settled and ready to begin her next phase of life.

•   Zach will come home for the summer but leave again in the fall ~ continuing his education 10 hours away in Minnesota.

•   I will have to adjust to a new, small town. I trust it will be good, but I’m mindful that this has the potential to be difficult. At the same time, I’m also appreciative that this new small town offers our returning boy, who has been through much, a fresh start. This could a huge blessing being swirled into some hard stuff.

Before any of that happens, there is painting to do, a storage room to de-clutter, three attics to sort through, closets and cupboards to clean. Our Marshall home we purchased last summer is almost 100 years old (think teeny-tiny closets) and the square footage is about half the size of this home, so there is much to decide regarding what makes the move and what simply has to go. Ready or not I am going to have to attempt to live more simply. Something I will likely appreciate, but has the potential to be hard. I may write this year about having to go through the process of getting rid of things.

So the calendar feels swollen with much, the lists could fill a notebook, yet my heart is peaceful right now. I keep hearing this in my mind “Do what matters.” I hope this holds as my mantra for the year. There will be much to do in 2015 but I want to make sure I do what matters. Right now, my mother-in-law is here for the month, so what matters is coffee with her in the afternoon, yoga mats side by side as we try to make it through beginner yoga videos, conversations, lunches, puzzles, a game of bowling and tennis on the Wii, even just sitting together. I won’t get this time back so I don’t want to miss it while it’s here. So while she’s here, this is what matters.

I may have needed to write this column for me – so I have something to come back to when my mind gets cluttered, my heart begins to race and panic sets in. Sometimes the thing that will matter will be packing boxes – sometimes the thing that will matter will be sitting in the high school gym with a friend watching a basketball game. It will be clearing clutter and meeting for coffee. It will be both.

It’s going to be a big year, full of transition…may I be found doing what matters.

What’s going on for you this year that matters?

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