Fast Forward Three Years

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I had just made it through my exercise class at the Y last Wednesday when a woman came up to me and asked if I went to Sonrise Church, I said I did. She went on to say she didnt know if I remembered her, but three years ago I had sat with her on the bench while she cried.

I immediately knew who she was. I had thought of her often, in fact on Monday our exercise class was turned towards a different wall and seeing the bench upstairs, I had thought of her yet again.

She went on to tell me how much it had meant to have me sit with her. She said at the time she had been embarrassed by the tears, but grateful to know someone cared. She also said that day had become a turning point for her.
I was humbled greatly, and now tears sprang to my eyes. Something so simple had meant so much. I knew I had to post the original newspaper column here and then the follow up that I was so graciously granted. Her words inspired me once again to make sure that I am willing to act when it is within my power to act.

In our culture we are so busy; I think its easy to simply mind our own business and keep going. But what if we knew that the time we take, the care we express, the love we share could make the difference in the day, the direction or even the life of another? Wouldn’t we lend a hand, share a word, or even sit for a moment?
Have you been impacted by an unexpected act? If so, click “comment” and inspire us through your story.

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  • Sheri,

    This is a great example of generosity of Spirit – thanks for being obedient to the promptings of God in your life!



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