First Day of School

Many of us have traditions we follow on this day each year. Most of us mark this day with photos ~ on the porch, on the steps, by the tree, with siblings, new haircuts, new clothes, with friends and neighbors and the dog. So many emotions wrapped up in those photos…with many of those being felt by the ones behind the cameras!

One of the traditions we have is freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, ready and waiting when they walk in the door after school. I set the table, chill the glasses in the freezer, and as we share cookies and milk I hear things like what friends are in what classes, who they had lunch with, first impressions of teachers, if they got lost, how the locker combo thing went and more.

I love preparing for this. When they walk in the door I want them to instantly know I was thinking of them and that I am grateful to sit and soak up every detail of how this new year is looking and feeling to them. Its one way we mark the beginning of the new year at our house.

How do you mark the first day of school? Do you have traditions you would share with us here? Sharing parenting ideas is one of the things that makes us all better moms. Use the comment link to share your ideas. Happy 2010-2011 school year!

My oldest will start classes at college Monday, maybe I will send her cookies in a box? Hmmmm…new territory. Ideas?

6 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. I LOVE that tradition of yours, and forgot all about it until I saw the picture and instantly knew what it was for. I do love you Sheri Carlstrom.

  2. This is great! We haven't really established any firm traditions yet, but when Sophie came home from school we all curled up on the couch and she showed us everything in her bag, her planner, told me all about her LOCKER, school lunch, and all her new friends!! We talked for about 30 min.

  3. Just found your blog NYMOY! (Congrats!) I'm excited to follow your blog- it's so great that you're doing it! My kids are still in preschool and are homeschooled. We've moved around so much and I don't feel like there's any one thing that we've stuck to- but this is only our 2nd year of school ever, so I guess I'm not too late. lol. I love the suggestion of milk and cookies- an AMI member in Hawaii taught me so much about the power of mothers and a cookie. :)

  4. Fresh baked cookies after school have always been my tradition too. I don't chill the glasses for the milk first though :/ Sheri, you are awesome!

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