Freshman 15

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I would absolutely put on the Freshman 15 if I was at college right now. Here’s how I know….

This morning Kevin, Courtney, Zach and I left the house early for a college visit for Zach. No time for breakfast so I grabbed two Low-Fat Cinnamon Graham Crackers and a serving of almonds for the car. I was going to split the almonds into two servings, but before I knew it, I had eaten them all. (Not a good sign.)

We had a great tour, sat through a few presentations, and eventually found ourselves in the cafeteria where we were invited to dine. The variety was simply amazing. I tried…I really did (at least at first) to be wise. I grabbed one slice of thin crust cheese pizza, made a little salad, dished some vegetables (good), but also grabbed a garlic/cheese bread, then walked past the dessert table and grabbed a thick slice of banana bread (bad).

The pizza was really, really good. Then I had some of Kevin’s, and even some of Courtney’s, fries (bad), but they were really good as well. I did share the banana bread (good), but convinced Courtney she should come with me to get more pizza (bad). I got a slice of buffalo chicken pizza as well as a slice of pepperoni (bad). I did split each of these in half with Kevin (good). But then, I also got a small dish of ice-cream (bad). Self-serve soft ice-cream every day – can you imagine that being so accessible each and every day?!

With the knowledge that I had already made some bad choices, when dinner time rolled around tonight I ate a BBQ Chicken sandwich and didn’t even bother to weigh out the chips (at least they were baked), I’m sure I ate two ounces instead of one. Plus…I ate a total of six ginger cookies (they were small – but still.)

When I said I would share my journey, I meant all of my journey, not just the successful days. Many of you have congratulated me on my success so far – but I wanted you to know the truth of this day.

I didn’t make the best choices today – but tomorrow is a new day.

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