Friday Funny

My friend Janna writes One Tired Momma over here. Each week she writes a post titled Wednesday Wit. You should read her blog, it’s really good. I thought of her weekly Wednesday Wit posts when, while sorting and simplifying, I came across a copy of an email I had sent to my family back in 2002; Erin was 4 years old. I have a few more of these little gems that I found so I will post these for a few weeks on Fridays.

My kids are now 20, 18 and 15, its hard to remember when they were so little and the sweet and funny things they said and did. It’s been a treasure for my kids to hear their own words and see their personalities through little writings of mine that we are finding…Moms of young children, write down some of what your kids are saying now. Trust me on this, you will be blessed beyond measure down the road by taking the time to do this now. Even if you’re not organized about it, someday you will be going through a box, or a file, or a drawer and will time travel back to when they were small – except there will be no whining or sticky hands this time around.

Here is what it said:

Erin: Mom, dinosaurs are un-pooped, right?
Me: Un-pooped??
Erin: Yeah…umm…un-stinked.
Me: Do you mean extinct?
Erin: Yeah, are they?

See you next Friday for another one!



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