Getting Older is a Pain

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After not going to my family doctor for six years, I thought it was time to stop in and say hello. Did you know if you haven’t been to the doctor for six years they make you fill out new patient paperwork? They also give you an extra long appointment time so the doctor can get to know you – or in my case get reacquainted. (Yes, I do see my OB/GYN for my yearly pap and mammogram, and although that appointment is very physical, it’s not a physical, so off to my doctor I finally went.)

I was grateful for the extra “new patient” time, as I had so much to catch him up on! There was the pain in my foot, my knee, my shoulder and even my neck. He asked if I was experiencing any menopause symptoms, so I told him about the power surges as well as how I’m also having a hard time losing weight, but no problems gaining it. (I may have suggested he check my thyroid – you know, just in case it’s that and not the ice-cream runs.)

Due to tendinitis in my shoulder and plantar fasciitis in my foot, exercise is going to be tricky over the next several months. I need to be on an anti-inflammatory and take it easy on that shoulder and foot. So today I ordered this to ensure that my activity level doesn’t suffer. Being told I can’t run or lift any weights for 3 – 6 months quite honestly made me a little giddy!  (‘So to be clear, you are medically ordering me to not run or lift weights?!’ I had to hold myself back from hugging him!)

Getting older is a pain…but I’m grateful to be getting older. When I was younger I would have taken the medication given and kept moving. This time I asked what else I could do to help my body age as well as possible. He gave me some printouts of some exercises I could do that would help my back (which put me in the hospital last July), as well as my foot. I told him he would find me to be more compliant in my late forties than I was in my late thirties.

He also told me smaller portions might help with the weight gain. Well, now he knows why I only come in every 6 years! I’m just kidding. Well, he really did say that, but I do really like my doctor a lot and I promised not to wait six years to see him again. We’ll see what the labs say about that thyroid.


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