Girls Only!

The other week was for girls only. Zach was serving as a counselor at our middle school church camp, Kyler was at the camp as a camper, and Kevin was in Colorado for work for the week. That left Courtney, Erin and I home alone, and together, all week ~ it was a rare and wonderful time!

Courtney has a full time internship, so she was gone during the days, and Erin did a little babysitting, but we did enjoy some fun and focused girl time together. We enjoyed watching Erin play softball during tournament week. There was one game I could not go to but Courtney was there and cheered Erin on – she was especially loud (“Great try, Erin!!!!”) when the woman next to her complained about a dropped catch. Love that.

One night we went out to a late dinner, then ice-cream, and when we got home we watched a movie and all slept in the basement! (I didn’t sleep so well as the dog seemed very confused about my sleeping down there; she kept trying to wake me up all night!)

One evening Erin went out with her softball team after a game, so Courtney and I went to DeBrands for ice-cream (you can read about Summer Weight here!) I loved my conversation with her that evening. Erin and I also trekked to Shipshewana one day; our time together was so much fun.

We went for walks, and really just simply enjoyed each other the whole week. One night we laughed so hard, we all cried. That was really good.

It was a week of living simply. No worries about dinner (I never cooked), no various schedules or plans to keep track of, we did what we wanted, when we wanted. It was wonderful.

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