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Helio, Quito, and Me
Well I am writing on my mom’s blog today about my trip to El Salvador. My dad and I went with a group of people from Habitat for Humanity. We left on Saturday March 19th and got back the following Saturday, the 26th.
There we experienced many cultural differences like when we went to the market and people were selling things that they had made to make a buck for their family, and this seemed to be the prime place for people to sell and buy just about anything. I quickly noticed that the language barrier was not a big deal. Now, I’m in Spanish 3 in school, but I also learned quickly that three years of Spanish in school does not help a whole lot in a country where everything is spoken in Spanish. I could translate a little and understand some, but that was the extent of it. But we got our main ideas across, and on most days had a professional translator.
I’m just going to throw this out there, everyone in El Salvador is poor. But, all of them are also happy. I did not encounter a single person who was mad because they didn’t have the latest T.V. or car or a big house; they were happy with what they had. Who can say that here in America? Us Americans feel the need to have the newest things, newest technology, we treat material wealth like it’s a competition. Like that Best Buy commerical where everyone is mad because they just bought something and they learn that there is a newer one out. I’m just saying, maybe we can learn from the El Salvadorians.
Our Work Group
So we should be happy with what we have and be happy with our friends who have the newer things. Because in the end, are you happier just after you bought the new 3D T.V., or after you helped change someone’s life? I realized that I was just helping to build a house, they were helping to change me as a person just by living their lives.

I will definitely go back next year, not only because I can help build a house, but because I can witness some of the happiest people on the planet, and walk with them to reach that same level of joy. Because this happiness is not something that you can get with material items, but by sharing the love of God. I think everyone should go on a mission trip because you realize how you can change the world, not only by providing help to others in some way, but also by providing help to yourself.

6 thoughts on “Guest Blogger ~ Zach on Zach’s Trip to El Salvador

  1. Great post Zach! Not only were you a hard worker, you were a great example of Christian love. I'm proud to be your dad!

  2. Awesome Zach – your words offer great insight and challenge!

    I love your insight about what we can learn from those who have less stuff but greater joy! Contentment is in Christ – not consumer goods!

    Thanks for serving Christ in El Salvador – and in the USA!

    Pastor Stan

  3. I really enjoyed reading your post, Zach. I love that you shared how the people in El Salvador live with joy everyday! What a great lesson for us.

  4. Zach you are AWESOME!!! Love your post and you sharing what you were taught. It's funny when you do something like this you go there thinking you are doing something for someone less fortunate, but then in the end you realize you are the one walking way with the bigger reward. God Bless you for going and doing this – I would love for Zack and I to do this with you and your Dad next time! So proud of you – can’t wait for our summer vacation together!

    Aunt Tracey

  5. I loved reading your thoughts on this. I too agree that everyone should go on a trip like this to gain some much needed perspective. Well said my friend!

  6. Zach,

    It was a pleasure to meet you and your dad on the trip. Glad you had such a good time. I echo your sentiments on the joy and contentment of the folks of El Salvador. There’s surely a deep lesson of how God wants us to view our “stuff” on this planet. Thanks for sharing your heart here.

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