Holiday Weight Plan

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I’ve been struggling with losing weight, eating, and enjoying, too much food, for awhile now. (just calling it as I really know it to be.) I’ve had solid success with the on-line Weight Watchers program for the last few years, and I continue to log points…sometimes…but mostly not. I enjoyed my summer and put my typical summer weight on, knowing I would lose it in the fall – but something has not gone according to plan this year.

I’m back at the Y again (I take the summers off), but I was only making it once or twice a week, thinking that would be enough. (It wasn’t.) So now I’m getting there more like three times a week. I feel better, a little stronger, but the weight just isn’t coming off like it has in the past. Some have wondered if it’s because I’ve reached that “magical” age (I’m 46) where the weight is just harder to lose….well, thanks for that.

And now…we’re heading into the holiday season.

We’re going to my sister’s house for Thanksgiving, where there will be a lot of family along with a lot of amazing food and wine. (I see a good three to four pound gain there) And then before we know it I will be baking Christmas cookies, as well as gathering with many friends and eating more wonderful food. (prediction: another three to four pounds.)

So here is my plan…back to strict point counting – and staying within my points (because if I keep busting through my point limit this counting really doesn’t matter!) My goal is to lose a few pounds before we leave for my sister’s. This weekend she sent me a picture of a homemade doughnut with maple glaze and bacon ~ and told me to pack my stretchy pants ~ so seriously I will need to help myself on the front end of this one! Then I will come back home and lose what I gained over Thanksgiving, to give myself that room again over Christmas.

I know, I know…this isn’t optimal, but it’s better than just continuing to add to ranks of my middle. I’m going to indulge, I just am. Maybe someday I won’t, but that’s not going to be this year. I enjoyed a black bean burger for dinner tonight so I could have pie at a friend’s house tonight and now…well, I need to go to bed, because I’m out of points.

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  • I’ve never heard of bacon on a donut! I keep watching the Thanksgiving shows on Food network though, not baked a thing yet. But 3rd Sunday is coming up and that’s my cookie day.

  • Kay,
    I haven’t either, but after I thought about it for awhile, I thought it might taste good. Maybe we’ll get to taste test while we are there!

  • So far, so good. I’ve lost 1 of my 4 pounds. Thank you willpower and Weight Watchers. Today, a friend said she should do what I do, not eat. I quickly corrected her – I do eat!! I just stay within my points -which can feel very sacrificial some days – but when I’m motivated, its not too bad – plus I then see results. Why, oh why, must I struggle with loving food and over-indulging in it? (I am well aware that there are worse things, so I try to not complain too much!)


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