Holy Spirit ~ Day 2 of 3

Written originally for Five Oaks Church Daily Devotional

Pray | Open my eyes to your activity in and around my life through your Holy Spirit. Amen.


Young children often learn truths like, “God is my Father” and “Jesus is my friend.” But the Holy Spirit can be a little tricky for a child (ahem, or even an adult) to understand, so one simple way to consider him is this ~ the Holy Spirit is my helper.

Those who walked with Jesus at their side received so much from him; he spoke what his Father wanted people to know and understand. There was healing, teaching, forgiveness, comfort and much more that so many experienced through his presence. Jesus had an impact, and it was good that he was with them, so his departure was confusing to his followers. “I thought he was going to set things right” more than likely traipsed through their minds and passed through their lips. The help they were expecting was short-sighted, for it was for a time and a place, but all along the plan was to grant us help, for all time, in all places, through the Holy Spirit. Another true gift. 

Day 2 – Read

John 14:25-29
John 3:34

Luke 12:11-12
Ephesians 1:17
Romans 8:26-27
Isaiah 11:2

Reflect | 

The Holy Spirit is from God, and if we believe God is for us, then his Holy Spirit is an incredible gift to receive. We so often hear, “Follow your heart.” But the Word says to ask God to search your heart and to guard your heart, for everything we do flows from it. Sometimes it can be confusing to discern what is right and true, but we have access to this amazing advocate who will reveal our heart, show us truth, and remind us of what we have learned through the Word. He will grant us wisdom, revelation and understanding when we seek them, and he will give us hope when it feels there is none. When we don’t even know what to say or ask, he will intercede on our behalf. The Holy Spirit, the very essence of God, is active and available; do we sense him, listen to him? What sort of things in our lives might be set right if we asked for his help and guidance?

Ponder your spiritual journey.  Can you name a few places in which the Holy Spirit was active? Would you consider sharing that story with at least one other person?

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