Home for the Summer

Home for the weekend

Before Courtney returned home for the summer, after being away at college, we were warned that we were probably in for a rough “re-entry” period. I can definitely see some potential land mines in reuniting back in the family home after living independently for almost a year, but I am really happy to report that we had an amazing summer.

I have heard (and can see) that summers, as well as spring and winter breaks, have the potential to leave everyone feeling a little disheartened and disappointed, but this was not our story. I’m not saying we did everything perfect, and I’m not going to tell you to do what we did, I’m just saying I believe we had a great summer because we each did some things with some thought and on purpose.

Courtney and I will write a four part series on things we each did intentionally that contributed not only to our summer, but to our relationship.

Join us here on Thursday for the first post on this topic!


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