It Matters

To the moms giving little boys rides on your backs, and to the ones holding your little girl’s hand as she skips at your side, I see you. I see you as you bend low to patiently explain a mystery, and I see you walk slowly up the stairs while your little one navigates those oh so tall steps. I see you carrying wee ones in heavy carseats, with diaper bags slung over your shoulder, all while leaning to one side to keep hold of the tiny hand that belongs to the little walking beside you.

Today for some reason I am aware of what you may have set aside for this little one now at your side. You have given a portion of your life and dedicated it to wiping messy faces, holding sticky hands and kissing dirty knees. You have exchanged office mates for play dates, and power lunches for peanut butter and jelly with a side of Goldfish® crackers.

I want to tell you that it matters. It all matters. Every tender kiss, every look in the eye, every song sang, book read and “why” explained. You are laying down connection wires; you are building trust, showing love and teaching kindness. You are pouring yourself out to fill up this little vessel who will run on the foundation you lay. What you are doing…it matters.

The child we chose to bring into our family, the one we still trust God to graft into us – when he was a little, he didn’t receive the tenderness I see you give. His wires were not placed gently or properly, and these many years later as I see him still struggle so, well…I promise you, what you are doing…it matters.

If you ever question your value, if you ever wonder if what you do has meaning, please know that it does. From blowing belly kisses to rocking the child with a fever, from cuddling on the couch to providing snack for the class…every tender, gentle, patient, kind and loving moment matters very much.

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  1. Thank you so much for this post. So many moms do not realize or feel this way about mothering. The constant day to day seems to all blur together and you feel as if it will never change and you’re not even sure if what you’re doing matters but it DOES! I have come a lllloooonnnnngggg way from feeling like the house has to be perfect or the laundry has to be done on time but I do realize that this is a season and as with any other season, things change and they come to an end and something new begins so I’m clinging to these years. One day, my house will be spotless but it will also be very quiet. Thanks for writing, don’t ever stop, you are an inspiration!

  2. Sheri, this post is so encouraging….. such a great reminder for all of us who are in the trenches of motherhood. Thanks for taking the time to write it! Also, will continue to pray that God Himself fills in the gaps for Kyler!

  3. Thank you Sheri!! It made my day to read this! It is so easy to get trapped in the moment and forget that it does matter. Thank you :)

  4. Well said… As a father, and husband of a stay at home mother, I agree with this in every way. I have told Tonya that her job and daily interaction is more important than what I do. Sure, I get home and do many of these things along the way too, but it is her that is mostly entrenched in diapers, tantrums, pb and j , messy floors, laundry, dishes, pre-school schedules, and those are just TASKS. While important, bigger than those tasks are the following “tasks”-teaching respect, responsibility, grace, forgiveness, patience, sharing, building up confidence and self worth, showing them how special they are, showing unconditional love, reinforcing that they are a child of God, that nothing can separate them from Mom and Dad’s love or God’s. Too many youth today do not like themselves by middle school! That is age 11 or 12! They think they have to perform and meet the approval of Mom or Dad and thus others in their lives. Bad recipe. Many youth don’t like themselves and when life gets hard, they contemplate unhealthy things or go towards unhealthy paths. I want to echo Sheri here and say that I too see it. I can tell. It is clear. I am aware of parents who ARE on the front lines, present, plugged in, fighting for the hearts of their children currently and in the past. Sadly, I am also aware of those who didn’t come from that upbringing. Now, as a father of a 5, 3 and a 2 month old, I know that God has hand selected Tonya and I to parent them well. Us, no one else. Us, as a team, following His direction. It is time to make the most important thing, the most important thing. Our kids. Showing, guiding, shepherding, leading them onto the right path that is headed in the right direction and leading to the right eventual destination.

  5. I’m grateful this post meant something to so many. It was at the YMCA today that I witnessed some of these sweet scenarios – I looked at one mom and thought, “I wonder if she has any idea that what she is doing right now is so vitally important.” So I came home to write about the value of the stuff moms do every single day. If our adopted child had had this kind of beginning, his spirit, and his life, would be completely different. What moms do matters so much. (And dads too, but today my focus was moms.)

  6. That is a lovely piece of writing, Sheri. Truly. Thanks for sharing it.

    I found you through I’m a Fort Wayne mom and a blogger, as well. I feel silly that I didn’t discover this local resource sooner (I’ve been here 3 years. . . it’s embarrassing).

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