Mom. mom. mom. uh…mom.

A mom is never off duty. It doesn’t matter if she’s across the room, across the hall, across the street, or as I witnessed recently, even if she is across the country. My sister-in-law,┬áKalie, left her awesome husband and three great kids behind to fly out and spend a week with me. The purpose of the trip was to spend some time together, but also to work on a scrapbook for my son. Zach will be graduating in a few short months and Kalie, who has awesome scrapbooking skills, helped me put together an album for Courtney when she graduated a few years ago, and so she came again to help once more.

Kalie’s kids, ages 14, 12, and 9, kept in touch with phone calls and text messages while she was away from them. Here are some of the messages she received while she was 590 miles away from them…and awesome dad was NOT 590 miles away.

“Hey mom, I want to make Jello, there’s a big package and a small package, how much water do I use?”
No answer.

“Hey mom, can you tell me the iPad code”
“mom, can you tell me the code”

“hey mom, we need some oranges”

12:09 AM
“Mom, my stomeck hurts bad”
“Go tell dad, hon. Feel better”
“He’s in bed”

“Mom, Jared’s bus drove by and didn’t pick him up.”

Seriously, I don’t know which one cracks me up more! The we need oranges one is hilarious – so random! But the stomeck one is so funny too ~ mom is 590 miles away, dad is across the hall! And the bus one…dad, who was in town, did not receive a text, but mom did. That’s just funny.

Apparently sometimes (or a lot of the time) our kids feel like they need us – and no one else will do. That’s an honor, right?

With all the scrapbooking I’ve been doing, I wrote “Don’t untag yourself from your life” over here. Its about about keeping yourself in the picture – no matter what.

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