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Oswald Chambers has a way of cutting to the heart of the matter. Although born in 1874, he speaks into the struggles of my heart and my life in 2012. I need to daily read My Utmost for His Highest to remind me of my part in my relationship with the Lord.

If Oswald Chambers were alive today, he would be 138 years old, yet his writings remind me that the struggles of the human heart, mind and culture are timeless. Back in 1915 they were also self-centered, concerned about material things, and trying to win the battlefield of the mind.

Sometimes I need a soft encouraging nudge from a friend, and sometimes I just need the truth laid out before me. I like the Classic Edition because it’s the language he spoke in, it isn’t translated into the more relaxed language of our culture. (Although I see the advantage of that as well.)

I have to admit I am woken up just about every time I read an entry. The words are convicting and challenging and yet also remind me that I have everything I need when I am “rightly related to the Lord.” God is faithful, I am the one who is not.

If you are interested in this devotional, contact me through the Contact Me page here. Send me a message about why you are interested in receiving this book and I will send a copy of My Utmost for His Highest to the first five people from which I hear. (Please include your address.) When I have received five responses, I will come back here and comment.

4 Comments on “My Favorite Devotion Book

  • HI! :) Why? Because I love books, and I love learning and growing. I have not read this or anything by this author, so I would love to gain a different perspective.

  • Thanks! I’ve had 3 replies regarding wanting my favorite devotion book, so I have 2 more to give away – you can still let me know why you would like this book by letting me know through my contact me page – send me your address as well and I’ll get those books in the mail.


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