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Tonight while we were sitting at Zach’s football game, a woman came late and joined some friends of hers behind us. They asked why she was late and she said, “I had to go back to where we ate dinner,” her son had left something on the tray and it had been thrown in the trash, she went on to say, “I am Mother of the Year because I went back and dug through the trash and found it!”

I was like….ummm….hmmm…..A c t u a l l y…..let me introduce myself, I don’t think we’ve met!

OK, if you know me at all, you know I didn’t really say that, but Kevin, Kyler and I did share knowing looks. :) I also knew immediately that this was too funny not to share. How many times is a moment like that ever going to happen?!

I love that we ALL have moments as moms where we put on the sash that says “Mother of the Year”and the crown that sparkles with our shiny moments! (although in real like there is no sash or crown, but there is a plaque and a statue). Here’s to all of us sharing this title!!

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