Pita Bread and Naps

Dear Courtney,

I was walking through the grocery store the other day when I saw a package of pita bread, I thought of you and smiled. Instantly I felt like I had time traveled right there in the isle of the grocery store. I went back to when you were little. Sometimes, when you were little, as I unpacked the grocery bags you would discover a package of pita pocket bread that I had bought especially for you. You used to love pita pocket bread! Do you remember? Peanut butter in the pita, or turkey & cheese. So simple.

I almost teared up in the isle as I came back to reality, I wanted to buy it and bring it home, but you are at college and not at home…and you are 19, not 4. Boy, that happened fast. Spring break is coming and you will be home for a week…maybe I will get some pita bread after all.


P.S. Your spring break has begun and as we took our road trip the other day, I looked back and saw sleeping in the back seat, curled up with a pillow and blanket. I had to work to keep my eyes on the road as seeing your sweet face sleeping so peacefully brought me once again to that time when you were little. Such a special daughter you are. Then and now. I really, really love you.

5 thoughts on “Pita Bread and Naps

  1. Kris, Isn’t is funny what we remember and can transport us back?

    To the younger moms, it does go fast…and it doesn’t. At this point in our lives it does seem to always come back to the simple, everyday things that shaped me most as a mom, and shaped our kids.

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