Pizza with a Purpose

When Courtney was a high school freshman, my friend Barb gave me some great advice. Courtney had become part of a group of girls that ended up in our basement often. I wondered what to do with these girls ~ wanting to embrace them without hovering. Barb said, “Feed them.”

She went on to tell me to feed them something a little special, something they maybe don’t normally get. Her speciality was home-made milkshakes. Not many people make those anymore so when she broke out the blender the girls at her house felt special.

My speciality became homemade pizza. They loved it, so I made it often. I remember the evening of her junior year prom I made a pizza for after the prom, another family ended up hosting the group of kids at their house but Courtney stopped home and grabbed that pizza to take with her. I would have loved to have had the group here, but I was delighted that a part of me went with her to the other house.

She is now a college freshman, and few weeks ago she traveled to visit her friends for a weekend at their college. I received a text while she was there that said they said they missed my pizza. It made me smile. I replied that I would make it for them over Christmas break.

Tonight my basement is full of girls home from college…along with pans of homemade pizza. I love that the simple act of making pizza impacted them. As moms, sometimes we don’t know if we are doing things that matter, or if anyone even notices. But I think it does and sometimes they do. These girls would be here even without my pizza, it was Courtney’s invitation and presence that brought them here tonight, but something simple that I did to serve them mattered. I like that. Thanks Barb.

4 thoughts on “Pizza with a Purpose

  1. What you did mattered, because you let them know THEY mattered. You're awesome, I'm thankful to get your hand-me-down wisdom. :)

  2. Awwwwwwwww…..that is so sweet! Guess what I hosted tonight at our house??? Yep, you got it! A whole load of Natalie's friends and I had FOOD!!!!!!! Not milkshakes, but pizza…not homemade, but never the less lots of food!!!

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