Random Bits on Being Chosen

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  • I believe my kids are not alone in wanting to be chosen. (see previous post) I don’t remember the details, but several years ago I remember asking someone from our church to join a team. I don’t even remember the team, I just remember her response. She almost teared up and said she had decided that if no one approached and asked her to get involved she was considering leaving our church. She was waiting to be chosen.
  • My sister says people like to be known and needed. I believe this.
  • I also believe that not being chosen is good for the strengthening of the heart, mind and soul. The truth is we won’t always be chosen. We will be left out. Here is what I saw when Erin was not chosen:
    lEnergy spent leaning into God.
    lShe went to cheer on her friends at some games, even though it was hard.
    lShe will not soon forget the feelings of not being chosen & will be more compassionate for it.
    lSiblings that took the opportunity to show love and support.

  • A few years ago I heard someone say that when we feel crushed, what we are made of seeps out. Will it be a fragrance or an odor that rises up from us?

    But really, the bottom line of being chose is this…

  • We are good enough. We have all been chosen.

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