Random thoughts that cannot seem to be contained

I’m just having a hard time today with the killing of these children and teachers in Connecticut. These are the things swimming in my head today ~

I’m thinking about all the violent, personal warfare video games (and the insistence that it’s fine for kids to be playing these types of games). I’m having a hard time with the efforts that have been spent on legalizing marijuana; this thought courtesy of an article in the paper this morning (in the same section as the many articles on these killings). Why is this something our culture values?

The passionate plea to end ANY mention of God in schools, the expulsion of our church youth leaders from the lunchrooms of our schools, Christmas trees in public places now being called “Holiday Trees” or “Celebration Trees”. We all know they are Christmas trees. You can call them what you want, we still ALL know what they are.

The mocking of Christians & Christian beliefs in mainstream media – and yet the prominent pictures showing up today in mainstream media of people praying, and mainstream media displaying images of the hundreds and thousands of people in churches. We mock it, then are grateful for the peace and comfort these images create within us. I’m grateful mainstream media shows these pictures, I’m just confused by the constant mocking.

My mind can only think about all of this in small bites, then I have to divert my mind. In a chorus of a worship song this morning, I dropped to the floor, with tears splashing on the tile on behalf of these families. When I got up I had to move my mind to a different place – I could not think about it any longer.

I’m horrified for the parents, families and communities who don’t get to divert their minds. I’m just aghast by the families drowning in sorrow today.

Listening to worship music, and praying, praying, praying….

A good article by Rev. C. Emily Heath in the Huff Post. Dealing with Grief: Five things NOT to say, and five things TO say in a trauma involving children. Read it here.

One thought on “Random thoughts that cannot seem to be contained

  1. I completely agree with you. My first thought was pure sorrow for those families and my second was not to wonder but to notice another tragic moment of evidence that these violent video games are not contained to the video screen. Their effects are leaking into our culture (where they do not belong).

    I am Christian. I respect all other religions and epect that same respect back. That is what this great country stands for. RESPECT! Consideration of others. Just because you don’t worship Christmas doesn’t mean those that do can’t. It is a holiday – it is part of our culture! It’s more than a holiday actually, it is very significant and meaningful – each and every part, from the tree to the presents, from the cookies to the carols. Every last bit of Christmas has meaning and value to a Christian. Please be respectful

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