Shifting Gears

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Today, this went on our front door:

It’s the last day of school and I feel like my kids ~
I can’t believe its finally here!
Late nights ~ here we come!
Sleeping in ~ I’ve been waiting for you!
No worries about homework, projects and tests ~ YES!
Friends over in the middle of the week for a sleepover ~ Yes, you can!
Bike rides to the ice-cream shop ~ of course!
Badminton net ~ set it up!
Pool ~ let’s get that membership!
Watermelon, s’mores, hot dogs, ice-cream, pasta salads, grilling, and dinners on the patio ~ can’t wait
Summer camps, bug spray,sunscreen ~ bring it on! 
Sitting on my front porch, sitting on my back patio ~ this is what I love.

I love the summer shift. I really, really do.
Welcome, summer! We’ve been waiting for you!

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