Sister Camp

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A few years ago our family embarked on our first Big Family Vacation; my two sisters and Kevin’s sister joined us in a big beach house in South Carolina  ~ 19 of us for one week! It was amazing! Last year we did it again, we rented a big cabin on a lake in Minnesota – one week, 19 people, tons of laughter, excess food and important connection.

The relationships that my sisters and I have built are priceless to me, and I believe the value is equivalent to the investments we have each made. We’ve spent so much time together that my sisters consider my sister-in-law one of us. (In a future post I will write about how Jared (Kalie’s son) thinks Beck (Jamie’s son) is his cousin and my sister and brother-in-law are his aunt and uncle!) In varying combinations, sisters have met in Florida, Chicago, Minnesota, Indiana and Kansas.

A few months ago I looked ahead at the calendar and realized with two of us having graduating high school seniors next summer – in two different states –  the possibility of our bi-annual Big Family Vacation was in jeopardy. Then I looked at our calendar for this summer and saw all the weeks blocked off due to my kid’s summer camps and realized it wasn’t likely we would be able to squeeze one into this summer either.

So with a longing for some sister time and flexibility in my summer schedule (after all it isn’t me who has weeks blocked off for church camp, camp counseling, football camp, etc…), and with so much camp on my mind, I suggested we do a Sister Camp. I proposed meeting in Kansas at Jamie’s ranch house. (She has a very large home on 70 acres, and they recently added chickens, turkeys and ducks – so it seems like we should go there to see what the heck is going on with her, after all this is my city girl sister from the East Coast!) So Sister Camp 2012 was added to the calendar.

With only a week to go, we each received a camp itinerary earlier this week from Jamie (who is a Chief Marketing & Customer Experience Officer, so yes this makes her the perfect director for our camp). We are all responsible for preparing, serving and cleaning up one dinner, and some of the activities on the schedule include:

  • early morning coffee with the chickens (this is optional for those of us not responsible for letting them out of their coop)
  • morning devotions
  • morning running or walking
  • a yoga instructor is scheduled to come out one morning – that’ll be hilarious!
  • pool Olympics with events such as holding your breath under water the longest, relay teams, etc…)
  • Massages – grateful for an awesome Groupon we were all able to purchase for this.
  • an evening at Denim & Diamonds (somebody help me – I need some cowboy boots!)
  • Church together at Newspring Church
  • Craft time – we’re making sugar scrubs
  • Book time – reading for 2 hours with no talking, then coming together to discuss our books over wine
  • games and chick flicks
  • evening worship in the fields
I am looking forward to this “camp” experience more than any Girl Scout camp I ever attended! I have the added blessing of this – my 20-year-old daughter mentioned that her summer internship would be over and that she could come with me to Sister Camp. So…she begins the transition from being one of the kids to being one of the women in the family. Really, blessing upon blessing.
I’ve got my packing list, I know who will be in my cabin, I’m excited about all the camp activities and so I will anxiously count down the days until we leave! Pictures to follow!

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