Small things

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Our shy little boy grew up, and last week graduated as a outgoing tall young man. I’m so proud of his hard, dedicated work all throughout his many years in school, but I am most happy about who he has become – apart from what he has done.

This morning he left for a week in Florida with another family, but evidence of who he is showed up at home as I went to get the mail just now. He had a goal of getting all his thank you notes written and in the mail before leaving for Florida; I saw him as he sat at the desk writing, and writing, and writing. He was so quick about getting the first batch of thank you notes in the mail that he forgot to put stamps on all of them! He left a note on the mailbox asking the mail lady to put them back in our box, and indeed she moved them from the dropbox to our box and they went out again the next day with stamps!

Today I opened the mailbox and saw two thank yous with no stamps and no addresses. It cracked me up ~ I thought to myself, he must have been very tired when he wrote these. I smiled and pulled them out of the box. But quickly, I saw he had forgotten nothing…these were put in the mailbox as is, on purpose, for Kevin and me, as well as Erin. He had forgotten nothing, and no one. Though we are his parents, he didn’t take for granted our gift, our time, our efforts.

Parenting ~ we parent to the big things in life, and to the little things. And sometimes it’s the little things that reveal that the big things are in place.

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