Soldiers in the Prayer Box

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Several weeks ago I learned of a soldier at Brooke Army Medical Center receiving treatment for severe burns he received in a combat operation in Afghanistan. Nearly 40% of his body is covered in burns and he is enduring painful grafting and therapy. Recovering can be long, painful and can feel stagnant.

One of the blessings of my sister and I owning our own company is that we can send our product to others when we feel prompted. (you can click here to see our website, old website – but plans are in the works for an updated site) We believe marking and recording each and every, even the very small, improvements or blessings can keep a heart and mind focused on the forward progress that can be missed in times like this.

Anyway….as I was packing for an American Mothers National Board meeting in San Antonio, Texas, I grabbed a stonemarkers kit to give to another board member who would have the honor of meeting this young soldier and his wife. Erin, my youngest daughter, saw me grab the kit and asked why I packing it. I told her the story and gave her his name for her prayer box. (see The Prayer Box post below) Her heart and dedication to praying for soldiers (and others) continues to inspire me; she is faithful to pray for the names in this box.

As I left for the airport, Erin said good-bye and reminded me to get the name of the soldier who would be on my plane. (Again, see the post below and click on the link to read the back story to this) We laughed and I said I would, not really thinking there would be a soldier.

When I got to my hotel room, I sent her this text message: The soldier’s name on the plane is Randkins, he is headed to Iraq for ten months. :)

Randkins may be in Iraq, and Ronnie may be in a hospital, but they are also in her box, which means they are also before the Father.

(As a follow-up to this ~ Erin said that the first night she prayed for Randkins the word that came to her mind was “Leader”. She said since that night she has prayed for his leadership as well as his faith, strength and courage.)

Read “A Daughter, a Prayer Box & Soldiers” here. Originally published on April 26, 2009

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