Something’s Leaking

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Courtney. My oldest child. My first unconditional love. Strong. Confident. Honorable. Beautiful. Intelligent. In many ways, wired so differently than me. This is good. This will serve her well. This also creates some challenging moments. We don’t have the same path. There are many things that we see differently. Sometimes we outright disagree. Sometimes we even send messages back and forth that challenge each other. Even when it doesn’t feel good, I know this is good too. Sometimes I worry. Sometimes I wonder what has and will stick from growing up within our hearts and home.

She has been somewhat pressed lately, and in that pressing things have leaked out. What has seeped out has been good. Its been strong. Its been confident. Its been intelligent. Its been honorable. Its been beautiful. It’s not been easy. I’m so proud of her. I’m not sure if at her age I would have leaked out such a pleasant aroma. I surely would have been not as mature and certainly less wise.

I think this is an encouragement to us parents. What we pour in (good or bad) does take hold. Its good to be aware of, and intentional about, what that is. I’m beginning to see that our kids take what we give them and they work with it and mold it until it fits them.

Good job, my girl. Your mom thinks you’re pretty terrific.

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