Sometimes You Just Feel Like You’re in Middle School Again…

Tonight it was as if I was back in the 7th grade lunchroom. Let me explain, my sister and I are going to the Super Bowl on Sunday (Her job often has some pretty fantastic perks – and I am the beneficiary of this particular golden ticket!! More on that later.)

We were both originally arriving today, but a last minute change of plans, due to her job, meant I am here now and she will be here in the morning. I checked in, called my family to tell them I arrived – sent a picture of my view  (we are across the street from Lucas Oil Stadium!) and then needed to make a decision about dinner.

Dinner…..hmmmm…..what to do. Eating alone at home is completely different from eating alone in a restaurant. Room service was an option, but I decided I was confident enough to go down and see what the hotel had to offer. The first place I saw was the bar, it looked nice. But I walked around and saw what looked like a really nice restaurant ~ possible, but probably too awkward. I saw two fast food places. Hmmmm…that sounded easy, get something and take it back upstairs. But I really didn’t feel like doing that either. What to do? How awkward will I feel sitting alone? Seriously, am I in middle school?

So I decided I would walk back to the bar, order a glass of wine and a sandwich.  I’m 46 ~ this was not that big of a deal. So I did it. I ordered the wine, tuned into the Duke – Virginia Tech game on the huge screen and ordered my sandwich. I felt like a grown-up, although I did text my sister to tell her that I could not wait for her to arrive in the morning.

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