The Big 50 Birthday Post

Sheri @ 50I woke up this morning to my 50 year-old self. Just like when I was 5, there were no big changes to report. But kind of like my 5 year old self ~ I am super excited! This morning Barb, my friend of over 18 years (who arrived in town yesterday) and I are getting ready to celebrate the Big 5-O by spending the day running around town blessing others in big and small ways!

Firefighters will receive morning bagels, nurses a basket of lunch goodies, a meal will be delivered, a dog’s adoption fee is about to get paid, notes are being sent and so much more! There are also a few friends here in my town who will also be out blessing others today!

But it’s not just happening in my town, my sisters, husband and kids are helping to spread kindness in Wichita, and Minneapolis, at Purdue University and the University of Minnesota, even in the Dominican Republic someone is going to receive an Act of Kindness today to celebrate these amazing 50 years I’ve been blessed to have. 50 Acts for 5o years!

If you received on of these Acts of Kindness and want to share about it ~ leave a comment! It seems to me that taking up space on the internet to share something good is, well…a good idea. :)

6 thoughts on “The Big 50 Birthday Post

  1. I received a $25 Visa Gift card from your Brother In-Law as I was working and getting him through with his purchase at Dillons in Andover (I’m a cashier). He also gave one to my sacker named Brendan. We were both rather shocked and at the time I felt really blessed to receive such a random and pleasant gift! It made my day! :) He mentioned that you were having your 50th Birthday and said that the little note card he gave me would tell me all about the reason behind the random gift. I’d like to wish you a Happy Birthday! I would be certainly putting this $25 gift card to good use!
    This day will forever will be remembered!

    1. Marina,
      What a wonderful encounter you had with my brother-in-law, Jeff!
      (He’s a great guy, married to one of my awesome sisters!)
      Thank you for your birthday wish – I’ve had an AMAZING day – and it was made even better by hearing from you!

  2. What a surprise to be included in your big day! I have never been in carpool line to pick up, what I know will be, two melting-down preschoolers, and have someone pull up, jump out, and hand me a pre-made dinner for my family!

    Not only did I feel loved as your friend, but I wanted to let you know of the immediate trickle-effect that happened at home as a result of your gift:

    The kids and I were eating dinner, and Harry kept saying, “Mom! This is SO delicious!” “I LOVE THIS!” “This is SO GOOD!”, over and over! Finally he said, “Thank you so much for making this for me, Mom!” So I said, “I didn’t make dinner today. Miss Sheri made it for us and gave it to us as a gift today!” I told him about your day, and how you are giving gifts away instead of getting them. He just sat in awe, as a little guy who loves, loves, loves birthdays and gifts. And then as we were cleaning off the table, he said, “Mom, would you like me to give you a backrub after we are done? Would that be kind?”

    You helped me have a chance to further talk to my 4-yr old son about kindness today in a way that made sense to him – and it was really wonderful to see! Thank you for loving us, for serving us, and for modeling God’s character to us! Happy Birthday and much love to you!

    1. Rachel,
      Thank you for sharing about your day! I’m glad Harry enjoyed the Stromboli and I LOVE that he captured the idea of passing on kindness. I’m so glad you felt blessed! :)

  3. Sheri, I want to let you know that you very easily made my roommates’ and my day today. We were shopping at Target in Fort Wayne, IN and found a $10 dollar gift card. We decided to get ingredients to make a dessert to share tonight. Thank you so much for this simple gesture, and we we will certainly be passing on the kindness. Happy Birthday! We hope you had a wonderful day,
    Kristi, Alli, and Emily

  4. Kristi, Alli and Emily,
    I love that YOU found the gift card – and that you bought ingredients for dessert! Thank you for taking a minute to share here about your evening!

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