Things that make me say, “Really?!”

In random order:

The story this week about a high school girl who submitted a racy photo to the yearbook staff for her senior picture. When the photo was rejected she, and her mother, said they are considering legal action against the school. Really?! Please spend your time and energy filling out college or job applications, going out with friends, or even playing Tetris. Yearbooks are not meant to be seductive and sexy. And, how did we get to the place in our culture where this story is on a national news program?

The “controversy” about Tim Tebow. Controversy…really? I appreciated this article, especially because it was not written by a Christian. Yesterday I heard this on MSNBC, “Is Tim Tebow the next Michael Jordan for marketers? Or does his faith make him too controversial?”  Lady Gaga isn’t too controversial, but Tim Tebow is. Huh.

The challenge to FCC filters on profanity and nudity. There are already plenty of T.V. stations that allow profanity and nudity, can’t we just keep a few for the family? A few that we can count on to be free of profanity and nudity? Please? And let’s be honest, even these stations aren’t exactly “safe”. There are more programs that we don’t watch due to content – and language – than we do, and that’s with restrictions. It’s a slippery slope that we are on, and the potential landing place is a cesspool.

Seems rather gloomy. But I will do what I can do…continue to teach my teens about modesty, appropriateness and not encourage legal battles for frivolous means. I will live by my faith, and encourage my kids to do the same, no matter the uproar…or the silence. I will continue to screen programs and watch TV with my teens, and then talk about the issues that sometimes come up.

I will stay engaged in what’s going on in culture. I will remain hopeful for the future. Really.

2 thoughts on “Things that make me say, “Really?!”

  1. Sheri,
    I was recently, indirectly labeled as “weird” by a family member. My immediate response, “If this makes me weird, then bring in on!”

    love you.

  2. On Tim Tebow – I’m sincerely confused on the controversy regarding Tim Tebow. He gives credit where he believe credit is due. Athletes do it ALL the time, immediately thanking sponsors, wearing sponsor gear, throwing the name of their sponsors in every chance they get while doing interviews. If he feels called to give public credit to Jesus, and other Christian athletes don’t (which has been one of the many things said – “Why can’t he just be quiet about it?”), I just don’t see the problem…either way. He’s not telling anyone they are going to hell, (that would be controversial!) he’s just giving credit and thanks to the one he lives for. I’m glad he doesn’t live for drugs, alcohol or other destructive lifestyles.

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