This is Faith…

Last Sunday I experienced faith in church. Let me explain…

On our worship team this past Sunday was a mom who had her third baby seven months ago. Seven months ago she also lost the twin that was her fourth baby.  But her healing, comfort, and even joy have been restored and she led with a hand in the air in worship. It felt holy to me to see the restoration work of the LORD.

Also on Sunday during one of the worship songs, our pastor’s daughter – who was in front of us – appeared to be dancing. It was as if she couldn’t stand still – the joy and worship was coming right out of her feet! It was amazing to experience this because her dad is in the battle of his life – for his life. (See below for links) It was pure joy to see this and is living proof to me of God’s providence and light even in the midst of darkness.

What I saw in these two women on Sunday was:

What I saw was faith.

I do not have it within myself to restore myself.
I can create happiness, but my joy comes from the Lord.
I love many things, but I worship the LORD.
I cannot see Him.
I cannot touch Him.
Sometimes I don’t even feel Him,
but I have faith in Him.

These two women would have every worldly reason to sit down, hands in lap, even turn from God….in anger, from agony, in disbelief, but they don’t. They have faith in what is unseen. Thank you Carrie and Ashley for leading me to the goodness that is God.

(I wrote something down that Pastor Stan said years ago…You may not see His hand, but your gonna have to trust His heart. That is faith. Amen, Pastor Stan, Amen.)

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3 thoughts on “This is Faith…

  1. Thank you, Sheri. I guess I hadn't really seen what you had observed, but I think you are right. I have never given up my faith in Christ and refuse to believe I should do anything but praise Him. It is because of His unfailing love and mercy that I have my 3 beautiful children and my amazing husband. Someday, when the time is right, I will be reunited with my precious little Emilie. Until then, I know she is safe in the arms of our Father…

  2. I was moved by this post…I can't imagine losing a child. I think I may know Carrie and if I'm right she is going to be the next best model to entire kylers life come high school.

    Shannon :)

  3. Carrie – I appreciate your faith as well as your words.
    Shannon – I cant imagine it either. I love hearing she may enter our lives in an environment that is in addition to our church family. Nice. I hope you are enjoying your summer. :)

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