To the Mom Whose Son Just Knocked on My Door

shoveled drivewayYou’re doing a great job raising your boy.

As we both know, it’s yet another ‘no school’ day here due to some snow that fell yesterday. My husband is out of town so I was gearing up to go shovel my driveway when your son knocked on my door. He looked me in the eye and politely asked if he could shovel my driveway for $10; a very reasonable amount, not an “entitled” amount. He seemed as if he was truly looking to serve others and earn a little money doing it. I said “Yes!”

When he was done he (and maybe his little brother?) came to the door again, I thanked him for shoveling and handed him $15. He was just so thrilled with the extra $5 and enthusiastically thanked me, looking me in the eye again. So, I just wanted to tell you how polite and helpful your boy was today. You’re doing a good job.


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